We here at Dogpile make Punk Clothing for punx!!!!

We've been making punk Clothing since 1988 and believe we make the best punk Clothing available. We've been doing punk Clothing long before you were ever able to get a "knock-off" version of our punk Clothing in that "hot" mall-chain who is said to be backed by christian-right-wing-extremists! and they're telling you that they have punk Clothing to sell you?????? c'mon, wake up! its time you get back to the roots!!!!

Punk Clothing for punx!!!!!!

U.S. bombs, Duane Peters, The Hunns, Clit 45, The Forgotten, Radio One, Rancid, Lars Fredrickson and the Bastards, Black List Brigade, The Damned, Social Distortion, Youth Brigade, The Bad Luck Charms, Tiger Army are some of our crew that wear DOGPILE punk Clothing.

Punk Clothing are'nt what makes you punk....that's up to you!

MTV may be playing videos by these silly bands wearing punk Clothing but, is that punk???? because they wear punk Clothing don't mean shit! most of them are wearing punk Clothing because they're stylist went out and bought them a bunch of punk Clothing and told them it's good for thier image to wear punk Clothing and that punk Clothing are hot! That punk Clothing are trendy and that punk Clothing will give you the image that will sell your records to the kids.

Just because those MTV bands are wearing punk Clothing it becomes safe. Then it becomes okay for punk Clothing to be sold by the hot-christian-right-wing-etremist-mall-chain. That's when punk Clothing became main-stream fashion.....keep punk - punk! be smart. wake up and know that you ain't punk just because yer wearing punk Clothing!
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