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Dogpile makes a complete line of punk clothing including: Bondage Pants, PVC Pants, Stretch Jeans, Bondage Straps, Bum Flaps and Bondage Mini Skirts.

Backin' punk music for over 15 years

This is all about punk, you know punk music, not daft punk or punk clothing - It's not about a punk band who wears punk clothes and sings punk lyrics sung by a punk girl with a punk hair style.

It has nothing to do with SLC punk, or punk tab (what the fuck is punk tab anyway) nothing to do with punk hair, or punk picture, but if ya must watch one watch one, try Rude Boy by the Clash, or maybe Great Rock N Roll Swindle by the Sex Pistols (please nobody write in and say that we forgot Decline of the Western Civilization). Even before buddy punk icon and punk mp3's, before punk guitar tab, punk fashion, hardcore punk, lyric punk rock, or punk chicks, long before art punk and punk t-shirts, long before punk-o-rama, or Christian punk, way before the invention of punk wallpaper, or punk rock music the way we know it fer that matter.Way before punk rock clothing, or nude girl punk with punk tattoos listening to ska punk on punk radio pinning punk posters to her punk hair cut, while she's dying punk logos into her punk rock clothes and punk shoes while she's a reading punk magazine about punk music history.

Punk Rock Music was Born.

What she found out was somewhere, long ago, long before my time, in fact long before anybody that I know could possibly recall, there was a middle finger raised and a question called against the authoritative power at the time-a big FUCK you to the corruption created by power. The working man fightin' back somewhere a song was sung, and a chant was raised.

Fukin' up the Punk fashion world one stitch at a time...

Punk music is and always will be the main factor for Dogpile to create original punk clothing for people whom wish to be individuals and rebel against the clueless mainstream. Updated 02/02/2015

Punk Clothes Since 1988

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Dogpile Punk Clothing - Fukin' up the fashion world one stitch at a time
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